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What is DA Approval?

The Development Application (DA) Approval process can be fraught with surprise and frustration. We assemble the design team and predict the red tape to get your development approved.


We will complete and submit your Development Application Form to include:


  • The estimated cost
  • The full set of drawings
  • An Environmental Assessment

Build and Refinance

We engage builders and ensure you are protected with a fixed budget contract and timeline.


Manage the construction progress ensuring the conditions for the Development Approvals are met.


We arrange an independent valuation before starting work and on completion of your development providing the opportunity to refinance to use equity to take the next step on your property journey.

6 Step Process For Australian Property Investment

Grow your portfolio with ease


1. Find

Find property with potential to add value. For the right price with the right opportunities.


2. Design

Assemble the design team. Predict the red tape. Get it approved.


3. Price

Quantify the baseline budget. Go out to the market, interview the builders.


4. Appoint

Finalise the scope and confirm the budget and project timeline. Complete contracts and legal documents.


5. Build

Construction Management. Hand over documents and warranties.


6. Grow

Property evaluation and refinance. Initiate sale campaign or engage leasing agent.

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Add value to your property

The Development Approval Process can be frustrating and time consuming, even for most experienced property investors.

We bring over 25 years experience in property development, ranging from small renovations to complex, multi-million dollar projects.

We have strong relationships with local councils and private certifiers.

We understand:

  • whether your proposed development meets requirements for DA or a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)
  • how the local plans, codes and policies could affect your development,
  • the complete costs and timeframe.

We can assist you on your whether you:

  • want to ensure that a proposed development is feasible,
  • are having issues with your local council getting your designs through, or
  • are seeking a fully managed, transparent development process

We ensure that you are protected contractually to limit cost blowouts, time delays and unnecessary surprises. This allows you to enjoy the development process, get the result you want, and have the energy to do it all again.

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