Satisfied clients

WG Stewart Bell

“When I wanted a recommendation of where to buy my home, I asked Neal and got an answer that no-one else was giving. Three years later the property Neal recommended (which was very different to what we thought we should be buying) has risen in value over 70%. He really knows his stuff.”

Stewart Bell. Founder & Business Coach
at Audere Coaching & Consulting; Author of Finnovation:

WG Deano

“White Gorilla took care of every part of the purchase of my property. I simply outlined my budget and his team short listed potential development sites.

I selected the site then all the paperwork was taken care of. They designed the new townhouses that would maximise profit returns. They lodged plans, chased councils and did an exceptional job completing the townhouses on time and on budget. For a busy executive like myself it made developing the site a joy.”

Dean McEvoy. CEO / Co Founder of Spreets


“When I met Neal, I had just proposed to my girlfriend and knew what was coming, a bigger home. We had to start to look at the market and sell my 1 bedroom apartment to move up the property ladder. We wanted to stay in the same area but prices were steep. I only knew the market from online tools comparable prices for what I have, what could I sell it for was dictating my new property search brief. After meeting Neal through a referral he explained how he could give me the advantage over similar properties to mine on the market, pitch my property to make it a point of difference in the market through his For Sale Campaign strategy. He took the time to understand the market, the competition and just what the property needed to sell at the highest price. We cleared out, refreshed the whole place, added value at just the right areas in the renovation to appeal to the market. I invested $14k in the make good preparation for sale works but overall the return on investment was a sold price $80k over and above what the competition was selling for. As an accountant it doesn’t make sense to throw money at something you 100% cannot see the return on paper, we are risk adverse and wouldn’t advice it, but I ended up with a 120% increase on what I sold my property for, increasing my new property search brief and we secured a new 2 bedroom home my Fiancé dreamed off with the extra cash. Neal has the skills to see what others cannot, look after my interests and put me in a position to jump up the extra rung on the property ladder”

Nick Fox
Partner and outsourced CFO at Vital Addition


“Neal was fantastic to work with and made the experience of revamping my investment property incredibly easy. Neal’s ability to not only troubleshoot but come up with solutions and execute them saved a lot of construction time and most importantly money. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in property development or investment property”

Chris Anthony
Cardiologist & PHD Research Fellow St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney; Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute


“Creative development ideas with sound investment outcomes”

Sam Crawford
Local Guide


“Neal and his team are 5star – I have seen him in action and what he produces for his clients. Absolutely incredible and highly recommended.”

James Short


“Neal Ashworth is an incredible asset to this team. As a residential real estate agent in the Eastern suburbs, he is my go to guy for everything development, project management and ensures my clients get the best outcome and type of financial return they are looking for. From Sydney to Melbourne Neal has an abundance of knowledge and works in the best interests of his clients. I admire his energy, passion and motivation to create and make things not good but great! I have referred Neal to my clients and they rave about him saying not only is he a great at what he does and someone they trust but he is an all round good guy. I am proud to know Neal, putting it simply – he inspires me!”

Kiki Bermudez


“White Gorilla with Stubbs Design Tribe and associated property people. Energetic, very professional and very on point. Always enjoy working with them.”

Nicole Lennon

WG-Eric Brown

“Neal is a development advisor for hire. I found his values to be impeccable. He is trustworthy honest and reliable, best of all he knows how to get a bang for you buck by utilising the full potential of your property. Are you a stagnant residential investor or do you have money locked up in your PPOR. Neal can tell you how to get the most out of it. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Eric Brown


“There are not many young professionals with the breadth of experience and energy of Neal. Love working with him to assist his client’s profit from property development.”

Nicole Lennon


“Renovating a property is quite a daunting task but working with Neal saved me a great deal of frustration and stress. The renovation was completed a week earlier than expected and his team were very efficient and professional, thanks Neal!”

Thomas Coldure


“Neal and White Gorilla Developments are an amazing addition to my property investment strategy. Honest trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable and professional. Why are you wasting time procrastinating? Neal can help unlock the development potential of your property just like he has done for me. Thank you Neal”

Eric Brown

WG-Matt Stubbs

“I highly recommend Neal Ashworth and his team at White Gorilla Developments. Neal has the ability to both get you started on the road to a property portfolio or to review and help build on an existing portfolio.”

Matt Stubbs


“I deal with Neal regularly, liaising on all aspects of property and in particular when we have clients who need to renovate or add-value to their properties. Neal and the team, know the numbers back to front on all facets of property development, which make the decision whether we buy a particular property or not, quick and easy! Great work and thank you for your assistance on many of our purchases!”

Ben Weeding