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How to be a Real Estate Developer

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Property Developers: Yes, you can be one!

Property Development is a great investment opportunity. For the inexperienced, there are often extra costs, complicated regulations and difficulties with builders.


Our Property Development service gives you the full cost at staged timelines with your costs, profit and final asset value. You will know before you start:


  1. What you need, over what period.
  2. The construction costs are locked in.
  3. The development will bring in a profitable return.

Find Property for Residential Projects in Australia

We understand the complex planning rules and regulations to assess and unlock the property’s full development potential in a great location suited to your goals.


We work closely with Buyers Agents Australia wide who know their niche market. When they find a great opportunity, we are the first to know along with:


  1. Government infrastructure plans
  2. Zoning changes
  3. Market growth

6 Step Process For Australian Property Investment

Grow your portfolio with ease


1. Find

Find property with potential to add value. For the right price with the right opportunities.


2. Design

Assemble the design team. Predict the red tape. Get it approved.


3. Price

Quantify the baseline budget. Go out to the market, interview the builders.


4. Appoint

Finalise the scope and confirm the budget and project timeline. Complete contracts and legal documents.


5. Build

Construction Management. Hand over documents and warranties.


6. Grow

Property evaluation and refinance. Initiate sale campaign or engage leasing agent.

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Giving you the tools of large property development companies

Neal has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, including senior project management positions

with industrial, residential and commercial real estate development companies.

Using the same the process as top real estate developers, we give the everyday residential home developer the tools for success.


We take time to understand you and your goals before looking at options. We confirm your finances to set your search brief, conduct feasibility studies for development options so you can make a decision knowing all the facts.

Our 6 step process ensures that all the systems are in place for your development to be completed so you can enjoy the entire process and have the energy to do it all again.


See below satisfied, repeat clients who have become successful property developers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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