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The Challenges of Property Development

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Neal Ashworth

Neal has over 25 years experience in the construction industry. Originally from Manchester, UK Neal quickly realised his passion and established his own carpentry business building houses for 9 years. In 2000, he moved to Australia and over the 1st 10 years, gained experience as a Senior Project Manager with some of the Australia’s top 10 construction companies. During that time, he managed high profile residential, commercial, industrial and public sector projects up to the value of $24 million.


In February 2011, he launched White Gorilla Developments working with busy professional to develop their property portfolios using the tools and strategies he’d learnt in the commercial world. His vision is that we all can be property developers. His mission is to share the knowledge so you can succeed and reach your goals.


By creating wealth through a property cycle to Find, Design and Build successful property portfolios. He lives with his wife Leigh, in Alexandria, Sydney and have just had their first child, a beautiful baby girl…….

Getting Property Development done right

At White Gorilla we believe that property development doesn’t have to be a financially and emotionally stressful experience fraught with surprise and frustration, which leaves you feeling powerless.


Over the years, Neal has seen people get too excited, rushed down a pathway of property investment that was not suited to their circumstances.


Neal recognised that there were 3 common challenges that got in the way of people on their property development journey. He perfected a 6 step process detailing how to build your property portfolio with ease.

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Let’s do Property Properly

This is your guide to building a successful property portfolio.
Showing an honest, open approach of how to get the maximum return from property development.

Spread your wealth and limit your risk.

Have confidence in your decisions.

Know your properties are earning the best return possible.

Have confidence in your project team.

Enjoy your property investments without it affecting your current career path.

Evaluate the process, rinse and repeat.

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