Building Quality Into Your Property Development Project

05 May Building Quality Into Your Property Development Project

In any property development project, there is often a conflict between efficiency (speed) and quality. You’ve seen this for yourself: shoddy workmanship and cut corners in the name of cost savings… initial savings that end up costing a lot more later.

A project’s timeline and budget will be significantly affected whether you are going for speed or for quality. You might get the project completed and leased quickly under budget… or go a bit over, and have a property that you can be proud of and that will result in a higher ROI in attracting higher-end renters, and a greater selling price if and when you decide to sell the property.

The sweet spot of course is getting the highest quality project completed within your budget.

Key Element to Successful Property Development

Thankfully, there’s a resource that can help you decide where exactly in the speed/quality spectrum you want your property to fall and most importantly, how to get the highest quality projects completed in a timely and cost effective manner.

Property development managers can manage individual aspects of the job from planning and design, construction, and marketing, and most importantly act as a central point of communication for all parties involved.

The key element to project success, efficiency, excellence and quality is communication.

Many professionals are involved in a development project. Effective communication will prevent costly mistakes, headaches, and wasted time. The development process depends on open communication between people, something most investor/developers don’t have the time or expertise to manage on their own.

This type of coordinated, all-in-one service manages the complex work of the entire development process. It keeps everyone in the loop, prevents misunderstandings, and keeps the project on schedule and on budget.

You end up saving both time and money, and enjoy the satisfaction and value of completing the highest-quality development possible within your budget.

The time and effort required to do this on your own is significant and the learning curve could be enough to sink your project. Using a property development manager to be your advocate, ambassador and ally, will help you get your project completed quickly, professionally, and with excellence.

Time is more than money: it’s your quality of life, too, that comes into play when you take on a development project. You can enjoy developing a property while spending time on your own work, your family and friends by letting the professionals at White Gorilla Management take the stress and hassle out of the project.